Chemical Peel Healing Time

Chemical Peel Review of Healing Time And Down Time

The best article on the chemical peel healing time is right here. Over time, your skin can become damaged by sun exposure, acne, and the fact that you are getting older. This can cause your skin to become uneven and look less attractive as the damage builds up. Many people deal with this problem by wearing make-up and other cosmetics to cover up these blemishes, but there is a much more efficient method. Chemical peels can be used to remove the outer layer of you skin, which is the damaged parts that consist of the blemishes. This can allow you skin to heal itself and repair the damage, leaving your skin flawless and beautiful.

What Can A Chemical Peel Help Improve?

There are many things that chemical peels can help with. For starters, we have the three main items that were mentioned above, sun exposure, acne, and aging. However, there are other parts of the skin that can be repaired as well. Unwanted freckles will be removed when using chemical peels to heal your skin, along with scars, wrinkles, and irregular skin pigmentation. You don’t have to cover these up with make-up, you can get a chemical peel that actually removes them from the surface of your skin and leaves behind healthy skin.

Levels of Treatment

There are several levels of treatment that you will be able to choose between, which will make the chemical peel healing time and chemical peel down time change in duration depending on how deep you choose. For lighter treatments, you won’t have to have nearly as much time to heal as the other two. Medium treatments will, of course, take a little longer. Meanwhile, deep treatments will take the longest to heal up, as your body will have to create more skin cells to repair the damage. However, the deeper the treatment you choose, the better your skin will look.

How Does It Work

The procedure is done by a trained professional who carefully puts chemical treatments on your skin. These chemicals will typically consist of phenol, trichloroacetic acid and alphahydroxy acids. However, not all of them may be used, as it depends on your specific needs. The entire procedure goes a little differently depending on how deep of a treatment you are getting.

Light treatments will begin with a simple face wash, making sure to clear away any dirt of bacteria on your face. The chemical treatment will gently be applied, and then after a determine period of time the doctor will wash it off. He will then neutralize it so that any remnants don’t continue to work on your skin, as this could cause further damage.

Medium treatments will begin with the same facial wash. The doctor will then apply a different chemical that has been altered for medium treatments. After awhile the treatment may turn a grayish color, which is completely normal. A cool saline compress will be used to neutralize the chemicals after they have been washed off. Afterwards, your skin may turn brown or red for a few weeks.

Deep treatments are a bit different because they require the doctor to go much deeper in the skin, producing more dramatic results. Usually you will have to do some form of pre-treatment, which could take up to a total of eight weeks. During the actual procedure you will be given a sedative to help you relax and anesthetic that will freeze your face. Your face will, like the past two versions, be cleansed of all dirt and bacteria. A chemical treatment will be placed on your face for about 30 minutes, and afterwards will be washed off and neutralized. You will then need to patiently wait while petroleum jelly is placed on your skin to help begin the recovery process.

Chemical Peel Healing Time

The Chemical Peel Healing Time

The lighter the treatment, the less chemical peel healing time.

Like mentioned briefly earlier, the amount of time that it will take for your face to heal depends entirely on how deep of a treatment you received. Of course, the lighter the treatment, the less chemical peel down time that will be needed for a full recovery. It usually takes about three days for the peeling process to begin, which then must heal over an amount of time relative to your procedure.

For lighter treatments, it will only take a couple of weeks for the healing to be completed. During this time your face will be a little swelled and slightly red, but it will gradually get better. This treatment takes the least amount of time to heal but doesn’t provide as significant of results as the other two.

Medium treatments take a bit longer because they produce better results. It can take a total of six weeks for the healing process to be completed, and the damage during this time looks a bit worse. However, by the end of it you will have flawless skin that you can be proud of.

Finally, the deep treatment can take up to three months to fully heal. However, all of your wrinkles and other blemishes will have completely disappeared, making you appear more beautiful than ever!

Chemical Peel Review

Hopefully this chemical peel review has helped you out. Visit Dr. Payman Simoni’s website and you can find many testimonials on the products that are used that have very few complaints. If you are curious, we encourage you to check out some of these testimonials and complaints so that you can come in with confidence. It is a relatively painless procedure because we provide you with medication, so you have nothing to worry about!

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